Section:  B

Semester: 1

Major: BBA

Submitted to: MISS HINA GUL


We made an advertisement on EXPO SALE. For making this, we applied the following procedures:


After following these steps. Click on the flag and see the advertisement.


Scratch project

Name: Minaahil Kamran, Isma Khizar


Submitted to: Ma’am Hina Gul

Major: International Relations


  • Open the scratch tutorial
  • Add a backdrop
  • Select two sprites
  • We selected Dee and Devin
  • Add your commands for Dee and Devin in the script box
  • Following are the pictures of those scripts.
  • For Dee:

For Devin:

Our story was based on social norms that how they are lacking in the society.

In this Dee is the boy who wants help and Devin is the person who helped him and the above dialogue took place between them.


                                                                                           FINAL PROJECT

In order to make animation we inserted back grounds and sprites according to our theme.

Our topic was how important it is to wash your hands before eating. The importance of washing your hands is explained through the help of added sprites.

These are the back grounds in ordered form that we have inserted for our story.

Then comes the characters, for which we have choose 3 different sprites which show the mother, her son Ali and Ali’s friend Samia.

These are the scripts for Ali.

his is the script for Ali’s mother.

This is the script for Samia.

These are the scripts for the things used as props which were a tasbeeh, jaye-namaz and a taco.

The back drop changes 5 times and every scene roams around the 3 sprites and stresses upon washing hands and recommending it to others as well.

SUBMITTED BY : Huda Saqib and Sameen Tariq.

MAJOR  : International relations.





Final project presentation, scratch

for making an animation on scratch we will insert backdrops and sprites as much as we need. Here we are going to take folloeing sprites.

1- Gobo for this sprite we wll give following instructions

and for first backdrop we will add three more sprites penguin2, 3, 4.

2- Lion, lion 2 and lioness are our next sprites for these sprites we will insert:


3- Next sprites are elephant, elephant 2, elephant 3 for these sprites we will give following instructions:

4- Next sprites are dinasour 1, dinasour 2, dinasour 3. And following are the instructions for this.

5- Our next sprite is pico walking and we will insert following instructions:

Submitted by: Sobia Gullraiz & Tayyaba Shahid                                                                   Major: Genetics  1st semester                                                                                                         Date of Submission: 18th December, 2018                                                                             Final project presentation

Post Mid Assignment 3

In the first put a green flag on sprite 1 and give it all commands one by one. Then add option of hide and show on both of butterfly and cat. Than on sprite three and four add further same commands. Also add hide and show on them. so that on level one that backdrop of two must be hide. Similar with that level two. so that in the end add option to switch to backdrop or level 2. After pressing green flag game for level two will start and when level will complete level two will be place automatically.

Post mid assignment 1

Sobia gullraiz

Genetics sem 1

Section D

  1. click on a new sprite option and select a new sprite such as a flying cat.
  2.  add one more sprite of cheese puffs.
  3. add a new backdrop and stretch the backdrop to the size of the screen.
  4. place the sprites on their original position.
  5. select the cheese puff sprite and use the option of when backdrop changes to level 1 hide and when backdrop changes to level 2 show.
  6. same should be repeated with the rest 3 sprites.
  7. the flying cat sprite should be made according to the sprite 1 commands.
  8. click on the green flag to run the game.