FINAL PROJECT

In order to make animation we inserted back grounds and sprites according to our theme.

Our topic was how important it is to wash your hands before eating. The importance of washing your hands is explained through the help of added sprites.

These are the back grounds in ordered form that we have inserted for our story.

Then comes the characters, for which we have choose 3 different sprites which show the mother, her son Ali and Ali’s friend Samia.

These are the scripts for Ali.

his is the script for Ali’s mother.

This is the script for Samia.

These are the scripts for the things used as props which were a tasbeeh, jaye-namaz and a taco.

The back drop changes 5 times and every scene roams around the 3 sprites and stresses upon washing hands and recommending it to others as well.

SUBMITTED BY : Huda Saqib and Sameen Tariq.

MAJOR  : International relations.





scratch introduction

Scratch is a program where you can show your own creativity, games and animations. This is the program used worldwide by youth. It is an online program where children can create stories and games.