FINAL PROJECT

In order to make animation we inserted back grounds and sprites according to our theme.

Our topic was how important it is to wash your hands before eating. The importance of washing your hands is explained through the help of added sprites.

These are the back grounds in ordered form that we have inserted for our story.

Then comes the characters, for which we have choose 3 different sprites which show the mother, her son Ali and Ali’s friend Samia.

These are the scripts for Ali.

his is the script for Ali’s mother.

This is the script for Samia.

These are the scripts for the things used as props which were a tasbeeh, jaye-namaz and a taco.

The back drop changes 5 times and every scene roams around the 3 sprites and stresses upon washing hands and recommending it to others as well.

SUBMITTED BY : Huda Saqib and Sameen Tariq.

MAJOR  : International relations.





Scratch Final Project

1.Add the first backdrop name it level 1.

2. Add two sprites namely Maya 2 and Avery walking.

3.Now add the following script on Maya 2.

4.And this script on Avery walking.

5.Now add a new backdrop name it level 2.

5.Now add a new sprite of Avery and it has the following script.

6.Now add a third backdrop label it as level 3.

7.Now add 7 different sprites with the following scripts.



Treasure chest:

Fert: (the following script causes the coin to fall from top into the treasure chest)

Chief justice:

Accomplishments and ole:

8. Press the green flag to enjoy the advertisement along with background voices and music.


Zaineb Noor and Sufia Noor



two level maze game

  1. click on the new sprite option and add butterfly 2.
  2. second sprite will be default one and that is the cat sprite.
  3. click on the upload backdrop from file option from the new backdrop option.
  4. add the simple maze backdrop which you have downloaded from the internet, this is level 1 of the maze game.
  5. select the cat sprite and then write the script in the following manner. 
  6. select the butterfly 2 sprite and write down the script in the following manner. 
  7. the level 1 should now look like this.       
  8. add a second maze backdrop from the new backdrop option, this is the start of level 2 of the maze game.
  9. click the new sprite option and add a beetle.
  10. click the new sprite option again and add a ballerina.
  11. click on the beetle and write down the following script. 
  12. click on the ballerina sprite and type the following script. 
  13. the level 2 should look like this.                           Sufia Noor                                                                                                                                                  Major: Genetic                                                                                                                                           Section:D

Fruit Game

1.Click the new backdrop option and add a new backdrop.

2.Now click on the sprites option and add 3 fruit sprites that are apple,banana

and orange 2  and 1 more sprite that is fruit salad.

3.Now click the fruit salad and add the following script

4.Now click the apple sprite and add thew following script

5.Now click the orange 2 and add the following script

6.Now add the banana sprite and add the following script

7.Click the green flag to play the game.

Zaineb Noor

Section D



fruit game

In the first click on the new sprite option add apple and salad both. then add backdrop of your choice. then put script first on bowl and then on that apple. also add score option. then add two more sprite of orange and that banana. add different score option. after clicking that green flag the fruits will going to fall by moving that arrow left and right . the bowl will going also going to move.

Submitted by: Aleefia Babar

Semester: 1

Major: Genetics

Two Level Maze Game

1.Click on a new sprite option and add one sprite butterfly 1.

2.Second sprite will be default one that is cat.

3.First save a maze puzzle from the internet and save it in your files(e.g in desktop) then click  backdrop option add the maze backdrop by clicking upload backdrop from files. Name it as level 1.

Interface will look like this:

4.Select the butterfly 1 sprite and write the following script.

5.Now select cat sprite and write this script.

6.Add at the end of the script switch backdrop to level 2 instead of stop all.

7.Add two more sprites one is Abby and the other is duck.

8.Save another maze puzzle click on the backdrop option then click upload backdrop from files to add a new backdrop.Name this backdrop as level 2.

The interface would look like this:

9.Select duck and write the following script.

10.Select Abby and write this script.

Make sure that you add switch backdrop to level 1 at the end.

Submitted By:

Zaineb Noor 


Section:    D







Two level maze game assingment

  • Go to scratch.
  • Select a sprite frog and a defaulted sprite ladybug2 for level 1. And a sprite Abby and a defaulted sprite orrange for level 2.
  • Then select a background 1 and 2.

  • Drag”when green flag clicked” into thhe script area,drag “go to X Y” and change to 90 and -165.Select “key up arrow pressed” and “chnege y by 4”.
  • Then add “next costume” select “if touching black colour” and “change y by-4.
  • Then select “key down arrow pressed” change y by -4 then select next costume.
  • Then select “touching colour black” change y by -4.
  • Key left arrow pressed, change x by -4 then drag next costume.
  • Touching color black, change x by 4.
  • key right arrow pressed, change x by 4 then select next costume.
  • Drag “touching color black, change x by -4”.
  • touching “ladybug2” say “i won” for 5 secs then switch backdrop to “level 2”.
  • Repeate all these instructions for the next level.
  • Also add these instruction to the script for level 2 by duplicating it.
  • Add side instructions for the sprites to be hidden in first level and shown when backdrop switches to level 2.

Tayyaba Shahid


Semester 1

Section D

Two level maze game

  1. Click on new sprite option and add one sprite cat
  2. Second sprite will be default one that is dinosaur.
  3. click on the new backdrop option and add a maze backdrop.
  4. after these three steps the interface will look like.
  5. than select the dinosaur sprite and write following script.
  6. Select the cat sprite and add following instructions.
  7. than as we have inserted the instruction of ‘switch backdrop to’ so we will insert another backdrop so for it .
  8. Click on the new sprite option and add a sprite of adraina .
  9. the second will be default one that is alex .
  10. click on the backdrop option and add a another new maze backdrop like:
  11. Select  alex sprite and add following sprite.
  12. Select the adriana sprite and enter the following script.
  13. click the green flag to run the game.

Name: Minahil Zahra

Class: Genetics

Section: D

Scratch Maze Level Game

  • Open Scratch
  • Remove Cat-1 sprite.
  • Add a background of maze game.
  • Add new sprite, any of your own choice. (in this I have added Penguin 1)
  • And add the following scripts to it.
  • Add another sprite. As I have added here Snowflake sprite, with the following scripts.
  • Now to add new level in the game, add another Maze background.
  • Add two more sprites to in it. Any of your own choice.
  • Add the following scripts to the sprite:
  • Add another sprite to the following scripts:
  • Now run the game on your scratch.
  • Submitted by: Syeda Aleeza Hussain
  • Major: IR Core: ITC Section-D