scratch basics.

Isma Khiazr

BA Hons. IR

Semester 1

  • Go to the scratch on desktop screen.
  • Go to the controls option given.
  • Then go to the sensing options given in the same bar.
  • Then again go to the controls and chose the option that is given in the basics.
  • Then move to the motion and select the options that are provided in the scratch basics.
  • After doing all the given tasks our work is complete.

Scratch Basics Program 3

First we will drag when clicked button from control box. Then we will drag repeat until below the when clicked forming a table. Then we will place touching in the repeat until button. Then we turn 5 degrees,move 50 steps, if on edge,bounce from motion box to the table.Then we will place 0.1 sec in the table. Then we will fix turn 15 degrees,move 50 steps,if on edfge, bounce in the table. Now we can operate the ball.