Performa System –

ERD – Hafiz Muhammad Sheharyar [0030-BSCS-2013]


– The start-up page (Home page) lists some selection buttons for the different roles (namely “Student”, “Teacher”, “Faculty”, “Admin”) which route to the related performas. For the time being only the Student performa is functional for the sake of demonstration.

77Selection Page

– Upon clicking the “Student” button, the page navigates to a Pre-Requisites Form which prompts the user to enter several particulars (e.g. “Course Title”, “Instructor Name”, “Degree” etc.)

Pre Requisites

– Once the Pre-Requisites are filled the user can now respond to a series of questions displayed on the screen in a sequence.


– The Responses are recorded into the attached Database at the back-end and can be viewed by the Database Administrator. We can say that the performa system is just like the general promotion.