two level maze game

Name: Aimen yousaf

Course: Into to computers

Major:  IR


I made this game on scratch and followed these steps.

First  i added two backdrops of maze and further more added four sprites.

Two sprites in each level.

After that added instructions in the scripts column.

set the script differently for each level.

some of the pictures of the game.



“Two Level Maze Game”

Submitted To : Miss Hina Gull.

Submitted By: Wajiha Saleem.

Course : Introduction to computers.

Section: D

Major: IR

Date: 16th November , 2018.

“Two level maze game”

I made this game on scratch , and for this I followed these steps.

First I added a maze backdrop. and after this I chose two sprites in it.( cat and butterfly).

After choosing the sprites for backdrop 1 , I wrote the scripts for each sprite differently.

Then I added backdrop 2 , and followed the same pattern in it as well. i.e : (a cat and a butterfly).

After applying this task I had total 4 sprites in my game. So, I decided to hide one cat and one butterfly in each level ( by adding instructions in the sprites column) to make the game meaningful.

When my cat won the first level it was the time to move towards the 2nd level. So , I switched to backdrop 2 ( for that added the specific instructions in sprites).

Last but not the least when my sprites won this maze as well. I stopped the game.

Here are some pictures of my game.


Maze Game in Scratch

To implement Maze game in Scratch a step wise procedure is as follows:

1. Click on new sprite option and add one sprite butterfly

2. Second sprite will be default  one that is cat or user can change it too.

3. Click on the new backdrop option and add a maze backdrop.

After these three steps interface will look like this.

maze interface in scratch

4. select butterfly sprite and write the following script.

butterfly code in scratch

5. select cat sprite and write the following script.

maze game code for cat

6. . Click the green flag to run the game.

A pdf of the given tutorial is here. Maze Game