Post-mid assignment (2 level maze game)

Suhaima Khalid

Semester 1 (I.R)

Submitted to: Ms.Hina gull

2 Level maze game

My selected spirites for Level 1 were:Monkey and a cake

for level 2: Unicorn and cheesy puffs

-The aim was to move the monkey to the cake with the help of instructions provided by the software

-Following features are motions like reaching up to the cat provided with X and Y values

-Different costumes-

-Sensing options to distinguish between mze boundary and outside

Same procedure in Level 2

For Proof (Script went succesfu)

Hide and show options were added on respective items to play the maze successfully.

The End







  • open scratch from your desktop.
  • for creating a two level maze game add two backdrops to your scratch document. name one image as” image 1″ and second as” image two”.
  • add 4 sprites to your game. two same cats and two same butterflies , from the add new sprite option
  • for the first cat add the following script:
  • now for the first butterfly add the following script:
  • add the same scripts for cat 2 and butterfly 2 as stated above.
  • now we will add new commands to the sprites as we are making the maze game.
  • for switching levels and sprite movement and appearance we will add new scripts to the sprites.
  • for cat 1 and butterfly we will add the following command:
  • similarly for cat 2 and butterfly 2 we will add the following new command:
  • we added these new commands in order to run a maze game. the change in background and movement of sprites makes a 2 level maze game.
  • the maze game level one looks like this
  • whereas maze game level 2 looks like as follows:
  • scratch 2 level game is ready.