Bouncing the ball


open a new stratch program

choose the beech ball form the library

remove the cat by clicking on the scissor

click on the script tap , choose event category and select (when clicked)

click on the control tab and select (repeat until)

select the (wait 0.1 sec) in the same tap

then go the motion category and select the ( turn select degree) ,select (move 50 steps) and then select if on edge button)

duplicate the steps

save the file

run the program by start button








bouncing the ball

  1. open a new Scratch program.
  2. click on new choose sprite, click on the things option and select beach ball.
  3. click on the scissors to remove the cat sprite.
  4. click on the first option when flag clicked in the events from the scripts option and drag it to the right side of the screen.
  5. click on the repeat until option in the scripts option dragging under the first heading.
  6. click on the sensing option and choose the option touching and select mouse pointer and drag it to the right side fitting in the space after repeat until.
  7. click on the control script, choose wait 1 secs and correct it to 0.5 secs and drag it under the repeat until heading.
  8. click on the motion script and select the rotation clockwise 15 degrees and change it to 5 degrees and drag it under the wait 0.5 sec heading.
  9. in the motion script, select move 10 steps and change it to 50 steps and drag it under the rotation clockwise heading.
  10. choose the  if on edge, bounce  option in the motion script in the same motion dragging to the right side under the previous heading.
  11. click on control script and choose the option wait 1 secs  and change it to 0.5 secs. dragging it to the right.
  12. in the motion script, click on turn clockwise 15 degrees and bring it to the other side under the previous heading.
  13. click on move 10 steps and change it to 50 steps in the motion script.
  14. click on if on edge,bounce option in the motion and bring it under the previous heading.
  15. click on full screen button and click on flag button on the top right corner. now the ball will bounce according to the instructions given in the program.
  16. now save ur work to ur desired location.





Bouncing the ball


  • Open Scratch from your desktop.
  • Click on New Script Choose from library.
  • Select image name “Beach Ball”. And click on “Add” button.
  • Now in Scripts group click “Events” and then choose “When clicked”, then drag and paste it on the right side.
  • Click “Controls” and then choose “Repeat Until”. Click on “Sensing” and choose “Touching mouse pointer” drag it on the right side under when clicked.
  • From Controls now select “Wait until 0.1 sec” and drag and paste it on right side.
  • Now click “Motion” and select “Turn 15 degrees clockwise” change it into 5 degrees. Drag and paste it under wait until.
  • From motion now click on “Move 10 steps” and change it into 50 steps.Drag and pate it on right side under turn 5 degrees.
  • Again from motion now select “If on the edge bounce”. Drag and paste it under move 10 steps.
  • Repeat from point 6 to 9 again.
  • Save your file with name bouncing the ball in your computer.

bouncing the ball

1. Open scratch 2 from the desktop.

2. In new sprite click on choose sprite from library.

3. Now select the image of beach ball and click ok.


1. Click on yellow control button.

2. Drag the instruction containing flag to script area.

3. Now click on repeat until instruction and drag it to script area.

4. Now click on sensing and click on the touching mouse pionter and insert it in repeat until.

bouncing the ball

Start new scratch.

Click new spirit from file.

Then double click on ‘THINGS’ button and select baseball image and click ok.

Delete the previous cat image.

click on the events from the scripts and drag when clicked.

then click control and drag ‘repeat until’

click motion and drag ‘touching mouse printer’ and place it next to repear until.

then click control and drag ‘wait 1 sec’ and change it to 0.1 and place it under repeat

go to motion and drag turn 5 degrees and change it to 5

then drag move 10 steps change it to 50 steps




bouncing the ball

Start a new scratch program.

Choose a new sprite from the file.

Click on Things option.

Choose Beach Ball and press OK.

Follow the instructions given below:

  • when flag pressed
  • repeat until touching mouse pointer
  • wait 0.1 seconds
  • run clockwise 5 degrees
  • move 50 steps
  • if on edge bounce
  • repeat above four steps in between repeat until point

Save the program. Run it by clicking the start button.