Bouncing Ball

Faryal Umber Mazari

5th November 2018

Scratch 2 Class Work

  • Firstly, we opened scratch
  • Then I selected Events and choose the option ‘when green flag clicked’
  • Repeat the function the the mouse pointer is clicked
  • You will choose the repeat function from the control
  • Then the mouse pointer from the sensing
  • Wait for 0.1 seconds
  • Turn to right in clockwise direction for 5 degrees
  • Move 50 steps
  • If on edge, bounce command from motions
  • Wait 0.1 seconds
  • Turn 15 degrees in clockwise direction
  • Move 50 steps from the motion
  • If on edge, bounce
  • It will be repeated till the mouse printer is clicked

bouncing ball

Start a new scratch program.

Chose a new sprite from the file.

Click on Things.

Chose Beach Ball and press OK.

Chose a new background of your choice.

Following are the instructions that are further to be followed:


Save the program and run it by clicking the start button.

When the flag is clicked, the ball starts bouncing according to the entered data.