Web Perfomas Assignment

After reading the proformas that we are provided with I have extracted faculty, department, student, course, entities, room and organization entities which are major entities of the assignment and rest of the 4-5 entities are mentioned in ERD of the assignment. In this assignment i have designed web forms for the major entities and some login mechanism for both faulty members and students to provide them to access to records is also designed. For impressive assignment, the knowledge of best books are important.

To design the database I designed and define business logic myself where I have don’t get any idea about business rules. For example, one department may have many teacher and one teacher may belong to many department. But it can be considered as one teacher can belong to one department and one department can have many teacher. Anyhow the total entities are 11 in numbers.

Database file is created in appdata folder and forms are located in view folder and the controller of these web forms are in controller class. All of the forms are handled on the sample web application of the default MVC project of visual studio


The web app can be used to fill the teacher and the student survey.Different types of questions can be created,edited etc.we can create new courses and their surveys also. Assignments are the best deal between teachers and students. Survey AssignmentAssignment For Public Opinion.

Performa System –

ERD – Hafiz Muhammad Sheharyar [0030-BSCS-2013]


– The start-up page (Home page) lists some selection buttons for the different roles (namely “Student”, “Teacher”, “Faculty”, “Admin”) which route to the related performas. For the time being only the Student performa is functional for the sake of demonstration.

77Selection Page

– Upon clicking the “Student” button, the page navigates to a Pre-Requisites Form which prompts the user to enter several particulars (e.g. “Course Title”, “Instructor Name”, “Degree” etc.)

Pre Requisites

– Once the Pre-Requisites are filled the user can now respond to a series of questions displayed on the screen in a sequence.


– The Responses are recorded into the attached Database at the back-end and can be viewed by the Database Administrator. We can say that the performa system is just like the general promotion.