Fruit Game

Sabira Ahsan, Sem 1, IR

Fruit Game assignment

26 November 2016

we chose 4 scripts, the three fruits will go in the bowl and every time a fruit touches a bowl the score will be updated

A separate script will be needed for the bowl where as the same script can be used for the 3 fruits with slight variations.

The screenshots above show in detail the dialogues we have chosen

Fruit Game (3 fruits)

Post-Mid assignment

Suhaima Khalid

Submitted to:Ms.Hina gull


Firstly,We will add sprites ,bowl,apple,orange,watermelon respectively.

-Then we will add bowl script,furthermore apple script adding data which is score for apple particularly.

-A new feature added is  value which is smaller than -170

-Furthermore we will duplicate apple script to other fruits script editing the data value to orange score and watermelon score.

-Lastly,background will be added to enhance the scenario.



Apple Game in Scratch

To implement Apple game in Scratch a step wise procedure is as follows:

1. Click on new sprite option and add one sprite apple and one sprite empty bowl.

2. Click on the new backdrop option and add any backdrop.

After these three steps interface will look like this.

interface in scratch

3.  select bowl sprite and write the following script.

code for bowl

4. select apple sprite and write the following script.

code for apple

5. to create a new variable, click on the Data and make a variable option then write the following script.

new variable in scratch


Score variable in scratch

6. . Click the green flag to run the game.

A pdf of the given tutorial is here. Apple Game