fruit game on scratch

  1. add a new backdrop from library
  2. add four new sprites from library, one of a fruit salad bowl and other can be: apple, banana, orange
  3. one sprite will be set by default, delete that sprite.
  4. layout will look like:
  5. select the sprite of fruit salad bowl and write the script as following
  6. then select sprite of apple and write the script as following
  7. then select sprite of banana and write the script as following
  8. then select the sprite of orange and write the script as following
  9. run the game by clicking to the green flag
  10. write the script by dragging it from scripts option
  11. By: Azka Abid
  12. section: D
  13. Major: Genetics

fruit game

In the first click on the new sprite option add apple and salad both. then add backdrop of your choice. then put script first on bowl and then on that apple. also add score option. then add two more sprite of orange and that banana. add different score option. after clicking that green flag the fruits will going to fall by moving that arrow left and right . the bowl will going also going to move.

Submitted by: Aleefia Babar

Semester: 1

Major: Genetics

fruit game

1 click on the new script option and add a fruit salad bowl


2 than write the script given above

3 than add another sprite of apple and add following script

4 than add another sprite of banana and write following script

5 than add sprite of holly and write the following script

than add a backdrop and click the green flag to play

minahil zahra session D

apple game

Urva Amir 

  • First I selected a fruit salad bowl sprite
  • Then I clicked when clicked
  • Then I opened the option motion
  • There I clicked change X by 10
  • Then I clicked control
  • Selected the option forever
  • Then I again opened control and clicked if then
  • Then I chose sensing and selected key option
  • Then opened motion and selected the option change X by 10
  • Again added if selected the same option
  • And repeated the same procedure
  • Then I added a new sprite apple
  • Started writing its scripts
  • Added when clicked
  • Selected motion and added go to mouse pointer
  • Then added set y by -5
  • Then added forever
  • Then added if
  • Then opened sensing and added change y position
  • Then added go to mouse pointer
  • Then added set y to
  • Then I made a separate variable
  • Then I repeated this step for the other two apples sprite


Apple Fruit Basket

First of all you select three apple sprites and one fruit basket

Apple Code

  • Select Flag when clicked
  • Go to motions and select go to option and choose mouse pointer
  • set y to 180
  • forever
  • change y by -5
  • if loop
  • if x position of apple/apple2/apple3 < -170 then
  • go to mouse pointer
  • set y to 180

Apple Code Part 2

  • when flag clicked
  • set score to 0
  • forever
  • if touching fruit salad then
  • increase score by 1
  • go to mouse pointer
  • set y to 180

Basket Code

  • when flag clicked
  • set x to 20
  • forever loop
  • if key right arrow pressed then
  • change x to 10
  • if key arrow left pressed then
  • change x by -10

Set a variable in data for all sprites named score


Fruit Game.

Submitted to: Miss. Hina Gull.
Submitted by: Taskeen Nasir.
Major: International Relations.
Semester: One.
Date: 26th November, 2018.

1. First I removed the cat sprite.
2. I then added a backdrop and three new fruit sprites namely: apple, orange and banana.
3. I added the fruit bowl sprite.
4. I then added the instructions for all the sprites and clicked the flag to run the game.

Fruit Game

Sabira Ahsan, Sem 1, IR

Fruit Game assignment

26 November 2016

we chose 4 scripts, the three fruits will go in the bowl and every time a fruit touches a bowl the score will be updated

A separate script will be needed for the bowl where as the same script can be used for the 3 fruits with slight variations.

The screenshots above show in detail the dialogues we have chosen

Fruit Game (3 fruits)

Post-Mid assignment

Suhaima Khalid

Submitted to:Ms.Hina gull


Firstly,We will add sprites ,bowl,apple,orange,watermelon respectively.

-Then we will add bowl script,furthermore apple script adding data which is score for apple particularly.

-A new feature added is  value which is smaller than -170

-Furthermore we will duplicate apple script to other fruits script editing the data value to orange score and watermelon score.

-Lastly,background will be added to enhance the scenario.



Maze level 2 game

Name: Maheen Fatima

Section: B

Semester: 1st

Course: Introduction To Computer

Submitted To: Miss Hina Gul

Major: BBA


                                                             “Maze Level 2 Game”                                                                 Procedure:

Step 1: Open a new scratch file.

Step 2: Add two backdrops.

Step 3: Add four sprites from library.

Step 4: Hide two of the sprites and show the other two one by using he tools and instructions given in scripts.

Step 5: Through this picture, you can see different colors of scripts which had been using in it.

Step 6: By following these instructions when I clicked on flag cats move according to the instruction up,down,right or left.

Step 7: In this above photo you can see that cat is moving by following these scripts.

Step 8: When cat touches the mouse this level will completed and next level or backdrop will appear.

Step 9: Now hide these sprites and show the other two.

Step 10: Again according to these scripts and instruction this sprite also move right,left,up and down accordingly.

Step 11: And in the end when guy touches butterfly a message appear that you won and the game ends.


2 level maze game






  • download two maze backgrounds
  • add two backdrops and four sprite
  • give the instructions to run the game
  • and then select the flag to run the game