scratch project (ayesha imran and hifsa shakoor)






For this project I used scratch MIT to work on according to the Teacher requirement. So the very first I added the title of my project which was “The Awareness about Harassment and Bullying”. Then as me and my partner had prepared our project on the topic which when we went to university and got to know a lot of student have made on this topic so we faced a huge problem that teacher may say we have another copied each other so we thought of changing our topic and thought as faster as we could so me and my partner came up with an idea of the topic of harassment so that’s the time when we chose the characters and worked on their sprites and their costumes to make them look like the way we have imagined them in our head.

After choosing the characters we did job on the scripts and after clicking on the flag the started workin with the looks by adding scripts from there and made sure to focus on the capitalization of words.

On the other sprite I chose the character which could get the job done as we wanted . After adding the character I looked into the costumes to do some adding and subtracting then when the desired sprite got ready to work on. We head forwards and added the lines from the looks.

Not just that but also from Control and Events to make the topic look more vivid and to make sure everything is clear and the video makes a complete sense.

We made sure to broadcast so that whatever the character says, the other character could get the massage that I have to say THAT specific line at the end of other character’s dialogue.

We ensure to make the highlight of wait so that the character’s won’t say their dialogue at the same time. The usage of different backdrops has been put.

After making the complete video we did confirm that the characters are speaking in a good and well perfected way so we clicked on the flag and found some imperfections.

Then we re-corrected some imperfections and then checked again. Again found one or two imperfections and re-corrected them the again clicked on the flag and found the characters in a way we had imagined them in a video. Then we presented it to the teacher.


ITC Project Water Saving Advertisment

Submitted to: Miss Hina Gul

Submitted by: Maznah Hamid and Fatima Saeed

Course title: Introduction to computers

Section: B

Semester: 1

Major: BBA

Theme: Water Saving Advertisement


1) Select seven sprites from the library and add four backdrops

2) Give following instructions to the first sprite

3) select the second sprite of tap and give following instructions

4)select the third sprite water which is drawn with blue pencil and add sound effect and then give following instructions

5)select the fourth sprite ball and give following instructions

6)select the fifth sprite and give following instructions

7)select the sixth sprite and give following instructions

8) Select the seventh sprite and add following instructions

9)Give following instruction to the first backdrop

10)Give following instruction to the second backdrop

11)Give following instruction to the third backdrop 

12) Add last backdrop and give it following instructions



Submitted to: Miss Hina Gul
Submitted by: Momna Zahoor and Malaika Rauf
Course title: Introduction to computers
Section: B
Semester: 1

Major: BBA
Theme: Hand Lotion Advertisement

The first sprite shows the title of advertisement.

In the second sprite the kid ask for permission to watch T.V from his mother.

the advertisement starts and man says “Do you have dry hands”?”

the kid says “yeah”

then the man says “do your hands get itchy?”

the kid says ” all the time”

the man says “Are you a chocolate lover?”

the kid says “yes I am”

the man says “if you are, I have got a product for you.”

then sprite of kid appears

Final Project: Advertisment

Submitted to : Miss Hina Gul

Submitted by: Zubira Khan And Zaima Akram

Course: Introduction to Computers

Major: BBA

Section: B

Semester: 1

Final Project: Advertisement on Cream


In our Final Project we made an advertisement on lotion. We showed that how a person named Ali had dry skin but then few people recommended him to use ‘DJMC’ Cream. He used that cream and started observing changes to his dry skin which became moisturized. He not only used that cream himself but recommended other people to use it.

In our advertisement we used two backdrops from library and three sprites, one from library and other two from file.

Pictures of our Advertisement:



Scratch project ( Aimen yousaf and Maira)

Submitted to : Ma’am Hina gull

Section: D

Project Members:

1.Aimen Yousaf
2.Maira Ryaz
Open a new scratch program.
Choose two sprites from the library
Add the scripts as shown in the picture.
Paste the screen shots then.
Click on the green flag option and the video will start.

Computer Final Project

Submitted By: Fizza Ayaz & Amna Mir

Submitted To: Miss Hina Gul

Major: BBA

Course: Introduction to Computer

Section: B

Final Project: Advertisement- Protein Bars 

Theme: This advertisement is aimed at college and university students who spend many hours of their day at the campus and hence, find it difficult to curb their hunger and stimulate their energy levels.Alex is hungry however, does not prefer the cafeteria’s unhealthy junk as she ponders over this, her friend Ruby arrives with the perfect antidote- Nature Valley’s Protein Bars! A lightweight, low fat and yet tasteful snack perfect for reviving energy levels.


Step 1: We have added 2 sprites(from the library) and 2 backdrops 1 of which is from the internet- attached with backdrop are images of Nature Valleys protein bars.This second backdrop appears at the end.

Step 2: A conversation has been scripted between two university friends using the options available through scratch.When the green flag is clicked the conversation begins in a colloqial manner.

Coding for Alex:


Coding for Ruby:



Step 3: During the conversation as Ruby suggests Alex to try Nature Valley’s Protein Bars, the second costume is embedded in the code to allow for a change of Alex’s expression from sad to happy.

Step 4 :A mind bubble has also been added  to Alex for improved visualization of what the bars look like.

Step 5: Ruby also outlines why these bars are an appropriate solution to Alex’s problems and indirectly to all the students’.

Step 6: Towards the end, the backdrop changes from the university campus to the one with the image of the protein bars box with the slogan- Healthy&Great! to emphasize on the bars primary qualities.

Final Project: Advertisement

Submitted By: Maheen Fatima  &

Zainab Fatima

Submitted To: Ms. Hina Gul

Major: BBA

Course: Introduction To Computer

Section: B

Submission date: 20th Dec, 2018 

Final Project: Save water bodies



In our project, first of all we showed conservation between two fishes on water pollution. Due to water pollution water species are no more safe. In a while 2 persons come there and after seeing this they get disappointed and started to awoke the nation through strike. Prime Minister in the answer of protest take some actions in order to save and clean water. In the end, people also cooperate with government and tried their best to clean and save water.


Step 1: We added 8 backdrops and 9 sprites some from internet and some from scratch library. As shown in the below fig.

Step 2: After that we added codes, dialogue, sounds and movement with the help of scratch instructions. When green flag is clicked yellow fish goes near to orange fish for conversation. Following is the coding and dialogue of yellow fish:

Step 3: When yellow fish speak the orange fish waits. And we also added bubbles sounds from scratch sounds. Whenever fishes speaks you can hear sound of bubbles. Coding for orange fish is as given

Step 4: After that two girls come there who get so disappointed after seeing beautiful sea converting in graveyard. They decided to go on protest. Following are their way of coding.

Step 5: We switched backdrops by following coding:

Step 6: When the two persons done talking then backdrop will change and one can listen to Drip Drop sound as follows:

Step 7: Finally they went off for a strike or protest.

Step 8: They went in front of Prime minister white house. In result, Prime minister addressed to nation. by following these introductions.

Step 9: After this backdrop switches to next backdrop where one girl is cleaning water and fishes are again talking.

Step 10: After this again the backdrop will switch to next one.

Step 11: So, this was our small animated video in order to clean and save the after so in the end there is a thank you note which open by switching backdrop.


Submitted to :  MA’M HINA GUL

Major :  BBA

Section :  B

Semester :  1

Final Project :  NAYA PAKISTAN

Steps : 

Firstly we add six backdrops and six sprites in the ad. We take 2nd and 3rd backdrop from the google and rest of all we draw using the scratch.

We add the following scripts.


After coding the scripts click the green flag to see the advertisement.