FINAL PROJECT

In order to make animation we inserted back grounds and sprites according to our theme.

Our topic was how important it is to wash your hands before eating. The importance of washing your hands is explained through the help of added sprites.

These are the back grounds in ordered form that we have inserted for our story.

Then comes the characters, for which we have choose 3 different sprites which show the mother, her son Ali and Ali’s friend Samia.

These are the scripts for Ali.

his is the script for Ali’s mother.

This is the script for Samia.

These are the scripts for the things used as props which were a tasbeeh, jaye-namaz and a taco.

The back drop changes 5 times and every scene roams around the 3 sprites and stresses upon washing hands and recommending it to others as well.

SUBMITTED BY : Huda Saqib and Sameen Tariq.

MAJOR  : International relations.





Maze game assignment

Added 2 backdrops of maze game for 2 different levels.

than added 4 sprites, 2 for each level.

Followed the procedure of what to add inorder to make the game work.

after adding all of the instructions checked if the game is working properly, and it did!



2 Level Maze Game:

Maira Riaz

International Relations

  • Open scratch from your desktop.
  • Add two backdrops to your scratch document and name them as Level 1 and Level 2.
  • Add 4 sprites to your game. 2 sprites for Level 1 and 2 sprites for Level 2.
  • Add the scripts as shown below.
  • Now Run the Game by clicking on Green Flag.

Maze Game level 2

Sabira Ahsan

Semester 1 (International Relations)

Computer Science sec D

11 November 2018


BUTTERFLY (sprite 2)


LADYBUG (sprite 3)

BAT (sprite 4)



Scratch Program 1

  • Open new scratch program.
  • Click on the Rotate Sprite Option and set it as ‘flip left-right.’
  • Then, go the Scripts and add  
  • Go to the Control Script, add the repeat loop and change its value from 10 to 11.
  • Place this under the when green-flag clicked.
  • Click on the Motion,  add    and change its value to 20 steps.
  • Move towards the Control Script and add    Change its value to 0.2 Seconds.
  •  Now, add   and change the value to 180 degrees.
  • Again add   and change its value to 0.2 seconds.
  • Place this all inside the Repeat loop.
  • To change the background add different background of your own choice from the    or simply import from the files.
  • To add some music, click on the Sound tab.
  • Then click on Import and add music from the music files.
  • Now, click on Sprite 1,  go to the script tabs.
  • Go to the Sound Script and add  
  • Place this above the repeat loop.
  • Run the program.
  • Save on your PC.


Submitted by: Syeda Aleeza Hussain

Major: IR

Scratch Program 1

  • Start a new Scratch project.
  • Then click on the yellow control button.
  • Then drag the first instruction of green flag.
  • Drag the shape of repeat until and change the value 11 from 10.
  • Then click on the Blue motion button.
  • The drag the shape of the move steps then change the value from 10 to 20.
  • Click on the Yellow Control Button.
  • Drag the shape of turn degrees and change the value 180 from 15.
  • Click on Yellow Control Button.
  • Then drag the shape of wait secs and change the value from 1 to 0.2.
  •  Now run the program by clicking button of the green flag.
  • Then by clicking on background tab , choose the sporty background from the outdoor folder.
  • Then click on the sounds tab.
  • click on the import and then double click on music loops.
  • Choose the Hip-hop and click OK.
  • Click on the Pink Sounds Button.
  • Drag the shape Play Sounds and change the value to hip hop from pop.
  • Program Final.


scratch introduction

scratch is a graphical programming language which can be used to create animations, stories, musical instruments and games by dragging and combining code programs. it is an easier way to learn coding concept.

scratch introduction

Scratch is a program where you can show your own creativity, games and animations. This is the program used worldwide by youth. It is an online program where children can create stories and games.