ITC Project Water Saving Advertisment

Submitted to: Miss Hina Gul

Submitted by: Maznah Hamid and Fatima Saeed

Course title: Introduction to computers

Section: B

Semester: 1

Major: BBA

Theme: Water Saving Advertisement


1) Select seven sprites from the library and add four backdrops

2) Give following instructions to the first sprite

3) select the second sprite of tap and give following instructions

4)select the third sprite water which is drawn with blue pencil and add sound effect and then give following instructions

5)select the fourth sprite ball and give following instructions

6)select the fifth sprite and give following instructions

7)select the sixth sprite and give following instructions

8) Select the seventh sprite and add following instructions

9)Give following instruction to the first backdrop

10)Give following instruction to the second backdrop

11)Give following instruction to the third backdrop 

12) Add last backdrop and give it following instructions


Final Project: Advertisment

Submitted to : Miss Hina Gul

Submitted by: Zubira Khan And Zaima Akram

Course: Introduction to Computers

Major: BBA

Section: B

Semester: 1

Final Project: Advertisement on Cream


In our Final Project we made an advertisement on lotion. We showed that how a person named Ali had dry skin but then few people recommended him to use ‘DJMC’ Cream. He used that cream and started observing changes to his dry skin which became moisturized. He not only used that cream himself but recommended other people to use it.

In our advertisement we used two backdrops from library and three sprites, one from library and other two from file.

Pictures of our Advertisement:



Computer Final Project

Submitted By: Fizza Ayaz & Amna Mir

Submitted To: Miss Hina Gul

Major: BBA

Course: Introduction to Computer

Section: B

Final Project: Advertisement- Protein Bars 

Theme: This advertisement is aimed at college and university students who spend many hours of their day at the campus and hence, find it difficult to curb their hunger and stimulate their energy levels.Alex is hungry however, does not prefer the cafeteria’s unhealthy junk as she ponders over this, her friend Ruby arrives with the perfect antidote- Nature Valley’s Protein Bars! A lightweight, low fat and yet tasteful snack perfect for reviving energy levels.


Step 1: We have added 2 sprites(from the library) and 2 backdrops 1 of which is from the internet- attached with backdrop are images of Nature Valleys protein bars.This second backdrop appears at the end.

Step 2: A conversation has been scripted between two university friends using the options available through scratch.When the green flag is clicked the conversation begins in a colloqial manner.

Coding for Alex:


Coding for Ruby:



Step 3: During the conversation as Ruby suggests Alex to try Nature Valley’s Protein Bars, the second costume is embedded in the code to allow for a change of Alex’s expression from sad to happy.

Step 4 :A mind bubble has also been added  to Alex for improved visualization of what the bars look like.

Step 5: Ruby also outlines why these bars are an appropriate solution to Alex’s problems and indirectly to all the students’.

Step 6: Towards the end, the backdrop changes from the university campus to the one with the image of the protein bars box with the slogan- Healthy&Great! to emphasize on the bars primary qualities.

Final project


Misha aamer

Mehreen mohsin


Hina gul (B)


. Open a new scratch program.

. Add the backdrop.

. Add new sprites and write their instructions as following:

• After writing all of the instructions click on the green flag

• Your game.will start

• save the game.

Scratch Final Project.

Submitted to: Miss. Hina Gull.
Submitted by: Taskeen Nasir and Isba Zain.
Major: International Relations.
Semester: One.
Date: 19th December, 2018.

Our topic for the final project revolves around the increasing problem of pollution and how even the tiniest of actions can cause great damage. The main theme is that the contribution of a single person in conserving the environment, no matter how small, has its impact nonetheless. The message revolves around “Drop by drop makes a sea.” Every individual and his actions are bound to bring change sooner or later.
We used two characters and two additional sprites namely Orange and Dog. The two main characters are seen walking down a street. The boy called Jamie walks ahead of the girl called Avery and she sees him throw a half eaten orange on the street. Upon seeing this, she confronts him and enlightens him about the need of preventing pollution.
The script for Avery is:

The script for Jamie is:

The script for the orange is:

The script for dog is:

Scripts for all the letters used to display a message in the end are:

The total scenes with the characters are:


                                                                                           FINAL PROJECT

In order to make animation we inserted back grounds and sprites according to our theme.

Our topic was how important it is to wash your hands before eating. The importance of washing your hands is explained through the help of added sprites.

These are the back grounds in ordered form that we have inserted for our story.

Then comes the characters, for which we have choose 3 different sprites which show the mother, her son Ali and Ali’s friend Samia.

These are the scripts for Ali.

his is the script for Ali’s mother.

This is the script for Samia.

These are the scripts for the things used as props which were a tasbeeh, jaye-namaz and a taco.

The back drop changes 5 times and every scene roams around the 3 sprites and stresses upon washing hands and recommending it to others as well.

SUBMITTED BY : Huda Saqib and Sameen Tariq.

MAJOR  : International relations.





Scratch Final Project

1.Add the first backdrop name it level 1.

2. Add two sprites namely Maya 2 and Avery walking.

3.Now add the following script on Maya 2.

4.And this script on Avery walking.

5.Now add a new backdrop name it level 2.

5.Now add a new sprite of Avery and it has the following script.

6.Now add a third backdrop label it as level 3.

7.Now add 7 different sprites with the following scripts.



Treasure chest:

Fert: (the following script causes the coin to fall from top into the treasure chest)

Chief justice:

Accomplishments and ole:

8. Press the green flag to enjoy the advertisement along with background voices and music.


Zaineb Noor and Sufia Noor



two level maze game

  1. click on the new sprite option and add butterfly 2.
  2. second sprite will be default one and that is the cat sprite.
  3. click on the upload backdrop from file option from the new backdrop option.
  4. add the simple maze backdrop which you have downloaded from the internet, this is level 1 of the maze game.
  5. select the cat sprite and then write the script in the following manner. 
  6. select the butterfly 2 sprite and write down the script in the following manner. 
  7. the level 1 should now look like this.       
  8. add a second maze backdrop from the new backdrop option, this is the start of level 2 of the maze game.
  9. click the new sprite option and add a beetle.
  10. click the new sprite option again and add a ballerina.
  11. click on the beetle and write down the following script. 
  12. click on the ballerina sprite and type the following script. 
  13. the level 2 should look like this.                           Sufia Noor                                                                                                                                                  Major: Genetic                                                                                                                                           Section:D

Fruit game

Sobia Gullraiz

Genetics sem 1

Section D

  1. First we add add a new backdrop and delete the cat sprite.
  2. Then add 4 more sprites of an empty bowl, apple, banana and an orange.
  3. The script of the fruit bowl should be followed as follow:
  4. The script of apple should be followed as: 
  5. The script of banana should be made as follows:
  6. the script of orange should be made as follows:
  7. The game can be played by clicking on the green flag.