fruit game






Add background and four sprites.

Add the instructions for the sprites respectively.

That’s my first sprite fruit salad.

Then I added for apple.


Then added a new sprite banana.

Then I added my last sprite holly.

This was my final task after that my game was ready.

Fruit Game

NAME: Minaahil Kamran




  • Firstly we select fruit salad as a sprite and adjust its coordinates.
  • Then we will select apple and create its coordinates.
  • Thirdly we will select banana and make a table of it.
  • Then we will select holly and make its coordinates.

fruit game

Name:Isma Khizar

Major: International Relations

Semester: 1


  • First of all,we selected the sprite of fruit salad and then we set its coordinates as they are given in the file.

  • Secondly,we selected the sprite of apple and again we set the coordinates as they are given in the file by the teacher.

  • Then we select the sprite of banana and set the coordinates in the section of scripts

  • At the end we set the coordinated for sprite Orange as it is given in the file.

Apple Fruit Basket

First of all you select three apple sprites and one fruit basket

Apple Code

  • Select Flag when clicked
  • Go to motions and select go to option and choose mouse pointer
  • set y to 180
  • forever
  • change y by -5
  • if loop
  • if x position of apple/apple2/apple3 < -170 then
  • go to mouse pointer
  • set y to 180

Apple Code Part 2

  • when flag clicked
  • set score to 0
  • forever
  • if touching fruit salad then
  • increase score by 1
  • go to mouse pointer
  • set y to 180

Basket Code

  • when flag clicked
  • set x to 20
  • forever loop
  • if key right arrow pressed then
  • change x to 10
  • if key arrow left pressed then
  • change x by -10

Set a variable in data for all sprites named score


Fruit Game.

Submitted to: Miss. Hina Gull.
Submitted by: Taskeen Nasir.
Major: International Relations.
Semester: One.
Date: 26th November, 2018.

1. First I removed the cat sprite.
2. I then added a backdrop and three new fruit sprites namely: apple, orange and banana.
3. I added the fruit bowl sprite.
4. I then added the instructions for all the sprites and clicked the flag to run the game.

Fruit Game

Sabira Ahsan, Sem 1, IR

Fruit Game assignment

26 November 2016

we chose 4 scripts, the three fruits will go in the bowl and every time a fruit touches a bowl the score will be updated

A separate script will be needed for the bowl where as the same script can be used for the 3 fruits with slight variations.

The screenshots above show in detail the dialogues we have chosen