two level maze game

  1. click on the new sprite option and add butterfly 2.
  2. second sprite will be default one and that is the cat sprite.
  3. click on the upload backdrop from file option from the new backdrop option.
  4. add the simple maze backdrop which you have downloaded from the internet, this is level 1 of the maze game.
  5. select the cat sprite and then write the script in the following manner. 
  6. select the butterfly 2 sprite and write down the script in the following manner. 
  7. the level 1 should now look like this.       
  8. add a second maze backdrop from the new backdrop option, this is the start of level 2 of the maze game.
  9. click the new sprite option and add a beetle.
  10. click the new sprite option again and add a ballerina.
  11. click on the beetle and write down the following script. 
  12. click on the ballerina sprite and type the following script. 
  13. the level 2 should look like this.                           Sufia Noor                                                                                                                                                  Major: Genetic                                                                                                                                           Section:D

Fruit game

Sobia Gullraiz

Genetics sem 1

Section D

  1. First we add add a new backdrop and delete the cat sprite.
  2. Then add 4 more sprites of an empty bowl, apple, banana and an orange.
  3. The script of the fruit bowl should be followed as follow:
  4. The script of apple should be followed as: 
  5. The script of banana should be made as follows:
  6. the script of orange should be made as follows:
  7. The game can be played by clicking on the green flag.

fruit game






Add background and four sprites.

Add the instructions for the sprites respectively.

That’s my first sprite fruit salad.

Then I added for apple.


Then added a new sprite banana.

Then I added my last sprite holly.

This was my final task after that my game was ready.

Fruit Game

NAME: Minaahil Kamran




  • Firstly we select fruit salad as a sprite and adjust its coordinates.
  • Then we will select apple and create its coordinates.
  • Thirdly we will select banana and make a table of it.
  • Then we will select holly and make its coordinates.

bowl game



  • choose a background from add new background option
  • add one bowl sprite and three fruits sprite
  • i choose one apple ,one banana and one orange sprite.
  • for the bowl add the following script
  • now for the apple add the following script:
  • now for banana add the following script
  • and for the orange add the following script
  • the game looks like this,and its working.

Fruit Game

1.Click the new backdrop option and add a new backdrop.

2.Now click on the sprites option and add 3 fruit sprites that are apple,banana

and orange 2  and 1 more sprite that is fruit salad.

3.Now click the fruit salad and add the following script

4.Now click the apple sprite and add thew following script

5.Now click the orange 2 and add the following script

6.Now add the banana sprite and add the following script

7.Click the green flag to play the game.

Zaineb Noor

Section D



fruit game

Name:Isma Khizar

Major: International Relations

Semester: 1


  • First of all,we selected the sprite of fruit salad and then we set its coordinates as they are given in the file.

  • Secondly,we selected the sprite of apple and again we set the coordinates as they are given in the file by the teacher.

  • Then we select the sprite of banana and set the coordinates in the section of scripts

  • At the end we set the coordinated for sprite Orange as it is given in the file.

Mishal ashraf

  • First I selected a fruit salad bowl sprite
  • Then I clicked when clicked
  • Then I opened the option motion
  • There I clicked change X by 10
  • Then I clicked control
  • Selected the option forever
  • Then I again opened control and clicked if then
  • Then I chose sensing and selected key option
  • Then opened motion and selected the option change X by 10
  • Again added if selected the same option
  • And repeated the same procedure
  • Then I added a new sprite apple
  • Started writing its scripts
  • Added when clicked
  • Selected motion and added go to mouse pointer
  • Then added set y by -5
  • Then added forever
  • Then added if
  • Then opened sensing and added change y position
  • Then added go to mouse pointer
  • Then added set y to
  • Then I made a separate variable
  • Then I repeated this step for the other two apples sprite



fruit game on scratch

  1. add a new backdrop from library
  2. add four new sprites from library, one of a fruit salad bowl and other can be: apple, banana, orange
  3. one sprite will be set by default, delete that sprite.
  4. layout will look like:
  5. select the sprite of fruit salad bowl and write the script as following
  6. then select sprite of apple and write the script as following
  7. then select sprite of banana and write the script as following
  8. then select the sprite of orange and write the script as following
  9. run the game by clicking to the green flag
  10. write the script by dragging it from scripts option
  11. By: Azka Abid
  12. section: D
  13. Major: Genetics

fruit game

In the first click on the new sprite option add apple and salad both. then add backdrop of your choice. then put script first on bowl and then on that apple. also add score option. then add two more sprite of orange and that banana. add different score option. after clicking that green flag the fruits will going to fall by moving that arrow left and right . the bowl will going also going to move.

Submitted by: Aleefia Babar

Semester: 1

Major: Genetics