Overview:  “Adventure of Super naturals” is a console and desktop 3D game inspired by a TV series “Vampire Diaries”. This game can also be played using x-box controllers. It is a level-based game developed in unity tool which includes interactive graphics and sound effects. Leading character of the game
is “Vampire the Eternal Adolescents”. And other characters of the game are witches, human, and werewolves. This game will be a source of entertainment for players, who are inspired by these series, and can get the real feel of fight and other targeted missions inside the game zone by listening thrilled, ecstatic and horror sounds, 3D portrayal of characters, and terrifying environments are there that will divinely describes the storyboard of “vampire diaries”. Experience “yourself” being a supernatural creature having supernatural powers by playing this game.

Summary: There will be five levels, in each level player has to complete different missions in forests, mystic falls city, and many attractive mysterious world locations. They have to sometimes feed themselves on human animal blood to retain their power. In the very first level, the player will have to face different hurdles to release his friend from evil powers. In second level, player will suffer from powerful spells of witch to get worthy amber stone. In third level, the given mission is to release his ancestor from the custody of evil werewolves. In next level, witches came to know that one of their family member was killed by vampires in past. They attack community of vampires and they use their power to win that bitter hostility. Evil power spread intimidation in
the town and vampire hunter came there to hunt vampires, humble vampire will save himself in this level. In the last levels of the game, the player will have to get moonstone (a stone which is power of supernatural lives to live alive permanently) from werewolves by completing given missions and many more adventurous missions will be there to entertain player.

The history of game making begins with the development of the first video games, although which video game is the first depends on the definition of video game. The first games created had little entertainment value, and their development focus was separate from user experience in fact, these
games required mainframe computers to play them. The OXO game was the first computer game that has been created by Alexander Douglas in 1952(Ruggill 2009). OXO was the first version of tic-tac-toe. After OXO games a lot of games were made by different developers Nintendo introduces an MS
Pac man game in 1981 (REAL). A great game from the past history was a super Mario by Nintendo in 1985 and that game gain immediate success in that era (Brandenburger and Nalebuff 1995).

Current trends show people wants something out of the boring and regular stuff. There are many games available in the market but the people are monotonous of them and they require something exciting, innovative and adventurous. We are developing this adventurous game to fulfill today’s
requirements of players according to their interests. We are not only entertaining people by providing this type of adventurous game, we are also giving them knowledge about supernatural creatures like vampires, witches & werewolves what they need? What they are afraid of? What gives them powers? As previously developed games make it less compulsive because the player is fighting with normal human and animal characters, but this time by playing this game player can feel himself a supernatural creature and use the supernatural powers inside the game play and feel himself vampire adolescents. Designing and developing a 3D game based on different missions, realistic environments, and fight with werewolves, witches and describing supernatural powers, this theme makes it different from other adventurous games. So, developing such games makes it

Adventure of Super naturals