Admin Account

Create a system in which the admin can manage the applicant’s profile, venues, duties, faculty, results, reports and history.

Here is an example of such a system in which all the modules are handled by drop box. you can use Menu , Tree view or any other to handle these modules.


  •  In applicant’s profile management the admin can view, remove and verify the applicant’s profile.

                 Admin_app info

  • In venue management the admin can view, add, modify and remove the test venue.


  • In duties management the admin can manage the duties of invigilators and faculty members for entry test, test checking and interview.
  • In faculty management the admin can manage the faculty. He can add, modify and remove faculties profile.


  • In results the admin can view all types of results. He can verify test marks, interview marks and 2nd year marks.
  • In reports the admin can manage all types of reports like applicant reports, academic record reports, duty reports, entry test reports, interview reports, test venue reports, history reports and aggregation reports.