Admin Account

Create a system in which the admin can manage the applicant’s profile, venues, duties, faculty, results, reports and history.

Here is an example of such a system in which all the modules are handled by drop box. you can use Menu , Tree view or any other to handle these modules.


  •  In applicant’s profile management the admin can view, remove and verify the applicant’s profile.

                 Admin_app info

  • In venue management the admin can view, add, modify and remove the test venue.


  • In duties management the admin can manage the duties of invigilators and faculty members for entry test, test checking and interview.
  • In faculty management the admin can manage the faculty. He can add, modify and remove faculties profile.


  • In results the admin can view all types of results. He can verify test marks, interview marks and 2nd year marks.
  • In reports the admin can manage all types of reports like applicant reports, academic record reports, duty reports, entry test reports, interview reports, test venue reports, history reports and aggregation reports.







The goal of this module is to make secure the Online Admission System. This module will ensure the security of the whole system by assigning different type of log-ins to the users according to their role. The users of this system are

a)       Admin

b)      Faculty

c)      Applicant

The teacher and student access will be limited on this system.