Adding marks of 2nd year

The goal of this task is to add marks of 2nd year after test and interview in the system. The applicant will add his marks by himself. For this he will sign in himself to the system. Then put the marks of 2nd year. Now the applicant will submit the hard copy of result card. For this he will bring the hard copy of 2nd year result card and admission test roll number slip. The admin will enter his entry test roll number. A page will be open along with his form number, entry test roll number, name and marks of 2nd year. Now the admin will change the status from not submitted to submitted.

You should develop a GUI that gives enjoyable experience to user while performing certain operations discussed above. The GUI should provide maximum user friendly interaction with the system.

Task 1

Provide an user interface that contains login i.e. username and password. After login the system will moves to the next screen.



Task 2

After login the next screen will be like this.



Your interface will contain a menu bar, named Applicant Information whose children will be Personal information, Academic information and Payment information. And his name at the top of right side. When the user select the Academic information the system will moves to the next screen.

Task 3

After selecting Academic information the next screen will be like this



Your interface will contain two parts.

a) Matriculation and Intermediate part 1.

b) Intermediate part 2

In part (a) all the data comes from database in read mode. While in part (b) you should provide an interface using Label or any other, text boxes and a save button. After pressing save button the data will be saved in AcademicRecord table in database if the required textboxes will be filled. Description is optional for user. After saving the data into database the system will display a message “Marks are added”



Below Diagram shows the Sequence, how the applicant can interact with the system to add his 2nd year marks after result.

adding 2nd year marks


Task 4

After adding the 2nd year marks, the applicant will bring the hard copy of 2nd year result card and entry test roll number slip. Now you should provide an interface in which the admin verified that either the candidate entered the 2nd year marks or not.

For this the login screen of admin will be like this:



After login, the next screen will be the main screen. He will select the “Verification of 2nd year marks” and will move to the next screen which will be like this:



The admin will put the entry test roll number and move to the next screen which will be like this:6


The Name, Roll no, form no. and 2nd year marks comes from database. You should add a Drop down list to choose the status from not submitted to submitted. By default it will be not submitted. And OK button is used to save the status in database. When you will change the status and press OK button it will show you a message “Status Changed”




Below Diagram shows the Sequence, how the admin can interact with the system to verify the adding marks of the applicant.

verification 2nd year marks