fruit game

Name:Isma Khizar

Major: International Relations

Semester: 1


  • First of all,we selected the sprite of fruit salad and then we set its coordinates as they are given in the file.

  • Secondly,we selected the sprite of apple and again we set the coordinates as they are given in the file by the teacher.

  • Then we select the sprite of banana and set the coordinates in the section of scripts

  • At the end we set the coordinated for sprite Orange as it is given in the file.

fruit game

first we chose the back drop for game which is ‘blue sky’.

after that we chose sprites which were Apple Banana and fruit bowl. Then we give commands for each of sprite and set the back drop according to it.

Command for Bowl:

we give command for bowl so that it can move easily with the movement of sprites. we start the command by applying flag command through which it starts and commands of motion, forever loop and set commands.

Command for Apple:

for apple commands change because in the sprite of apple we need scores so when it fall in bowl it counts a score. other then score we us forever loop,change position of x and y and mouse pointer.

Commands of Banana:

we gave commands of banana just like apple because both of them are supposed to fall in bowl and counts score. so we use forever command, flag command, change position of x and y command and loops for it with data cmmand.

Maze level 2 game

Name: Maheen Fatima

Section: B

Semester: 1st

Course: Introduction To Computer

Submitted To: Miss Hina Gul

Major: BBA


                                                             “Maze Level 2 Game”                                                                 Procedure:

Step 1: Open a new scratch file.

Step 2: Add two backdrops.

Step 3: Add four sprites from library.

Step 4: Hide two of the sprites and show the other two one by using he tools and instructions given in scripts.

Step 5: Through this picture, you can see different colors of scripts which had been using in it.

Step 6: By following these instructions when I clicked on flag cats move according to the instruction up,down,right or left.

Step 7: In this above photo you can see that cat is moving by following these scripts.

Step 8: When cat touches the mouse this level will completed and next level or backdrop will appear.

Step 9: Now hide these sprites and show the other two.

Step 10: Again according to these scripts and instruction this sprite also move right,left,up and down accordingly.

Step 11: And in the end when guy touches butterfly a message appear that you won and the game ends.


2 level maze game






  • download two maze backgrounds
  • add two backdrops and four sprite
  • give the instructions to run the game
  • and then select the flag to run the game

Two level Maze Game

Name: Naymal Arshad

                         MAJOR : BBA 



  • Firstly download 2 backrounds from internet. Background 1 should be easy to solve, whereas, background 2 (maze2) should be complex.
  • We’ll upload them as background from files.
  • Background 1 would be labelled as Level1 and Background 2 would be labelled as Level 2.
  • Choose four sprites from library of your own choice (cat, Ballerina, Beetle and Rat 1)
  • Add scripts in mustard collumn for both backgrounds as shown in photos below:

Press the Start Button To Continue the game..!

2 Level Maze Game

Name: Khadija Manzoor

Major: BBA

Semester: 1

Section: B

Submitted to: Miss Hina Gul

Submitted on: 25th November ’18


1) Open the Scratch 2 application

2) Add 2 backdrops of mazes. 1 should be simple and the other complicated for level 1 and level 2 respectively. These can be saved from google images and then uploaded.

3) Select any 4 sprites of your choice. Any 2 for level 1 and 2 for level 2.

4) Shrink them in order to fit them in the game.

5) Go to the  scripts of sprite 1 and add the scripts as shown in the screenshot below.

6) In the same way add the scripts of the other sprites as shown in the screenshots below.

7) Hide the 2 sprites in level 1 which will be used in level 2 by adding the script of “When backdrop switches to level 1″ ”Hide” and “When backdrop switches to level 2” “Show” and vice versa for level 2. In the same way add this to the other sprites.

8) Click on the green flag to play the game.

9) When you are done with level 1 wait for 5 seconds and it will automatically switch to level 2 to play.


2 Level maze game

Name: Rabiya Fatima

Semester: 1

Section: B

Submitted to: Ma’am Hina Gul


1. Open a new scratch program.

2. Add two different backdrops and four different sprites.

3. Show two sprites in level 1 and hide the other two.

4. Now show the remaining two sprites in level two and hide the two previous sprites.

Level 1:

  • Click the green flag to start the game.
  • When level 1 is completed, a message ‘I won!’ appears and then next level starts.

Level 2:

  • When level 2 is completed , a message ‘I won!!’ appears and the game stops as level 2 is the last level.

Two level maze game

Name: Abeera Mohsin

Section: B

Major: BBA

Submitted to: Ma’am Hina Gul

Two level Maze Game


  • Open a new scratch program.
  • A two different backdrops and name them level 1 and level 2 respectively.
  • Choose 4 sprites from the library. (Fish 2, shark, frog, Dragon 2)
  • Out of these two sprites, Fish 2 and Shark are for level 1
  • Frog and Dragon 2 are for level 2

The following scripts were used to form the maze game.

  • SCRIPT FOR  FISH 2 (Sprite 1 in level 1)

  • SCRIPT FOR  SHARK (Sprite 2 in level 1)

  • SCRIPT FOR  FROG (Sprite 1 in level 2)

  • SCRIPT FOR  DRAGON 2 (Sprite 2 in level 2)


  • Now click the green flag to start the game.
  • When level 1 completes, a message ‘I WON!’  will appear for 5 seconds and then level 2 starts.
  • When level 2 completes, a message ‘I WON!’  will appear and the game will stop all the operations being performed.