Computer Application Subject Detail and Related Content

Course Description:
The objective is to educate the students about the tremendous potential of Computers as an instrument for research work in a variety of disciplines.

Assessment Strategy
Semester Work = 40
Term Paper = 15
3 Quizzes = 25
Final Term Exam = 60
Paper (Objective & Subjective) = 30
Practical (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint) = 30


You can download following slides.

Chapter 01-Introduction

Introduction & Basic Computer Organization
Computer, Characteristics of Computers, Input Unit, Output Unit, Storage unit, Central Processing unit, System concepts

Computer Software
Software, Relationship between Hardware & Software, Types of Software (System,Application, Public domain, Shareware, Freeware, Middleware, Firmware) System development steps (SDLC)

Input-Output Devices
Input Types (Keywords, Command, Program, User Response)
Input Devices (Keyboard, Pointing devices, Data Scanning devices, Electronic card reader, Digitizer, Speech recognition devices, Vision-input system) Output Types (Text, Graphics, Audio, Video)
Output Devices (CRT Monitors, Flat panel display screens LCD/LED/Gas Plasma) Printers (Impact & Non Impact), Projectors, Voice Response Systems