scratch project (ayesha imran and hifsa shakoor)






For this project I used scratch MIT to work on according to the Teacher requirement. So the very first I added the title of my project which was “The Awareness about Harassment and Bullying”. Then as me and my partner had prepared our project on the topic which when we went to university and got to know a lot of student have made on this topic so we faced a huge problem that teacher may say we have another copied each other so we thought of changing our topic and thought as faster as we could so me and my partner came up with an idea of the topic of harassment so that’s the time when we chose the characters and worked on their sprites and their costumes to make them look like the way we have imagined them in our head.

After choosing the characters we did job on the scripts and after clicking on the flag the started workin with the looks by adding scripts from there and made sure to focus on the capitalization of words.

On the other sprite I chose the character which could get the job done as we wanted . After adding the character I looked into the costumes to do some adding and subtracting then when the desired sprite got ready to work on. We head forwards and added the lines from the looks.

Not just that but also from Control and Events to make the topic look more vivid and to make sure everything is clear and the video makes a complete sense.

We made sure to broadcast so that whatever the character says, the other character could get the massage that I have to say THAT specific line at the end of other character’s dialogue.

We ensure to make the highlight of wait so that the character’s won’t say their dialogue at the same time. The usage of different backdrops has been put.

After making the complete video we did confirm that the characters are speaking in a good and well perfected way so we clicked on the flag and found some imperfections.

Then we re-corrected some imperfections and then checked again. Again found one or two imperfections and re-corrected them the again clicked on the flag and found the characters in a way we had imagined them in a video. Then we presented it to the teacher.