ITC Project Water Saving Advertisment

Submitted to: Miss Hina Gul

Submitted by: Maznah Hamid and Fatima Saeed

Course title: Introduction to computers

Section: B

Semester: 1

Major: BBA

Theme: Water Saving Advertisement


1) Select seven sprites from the library and add four backdrops

2) Give following instructions to the first sprite

3) select the second sprite of tap and give following instructions

4)select the third sprite water which is drawn with blue pencil and add sound effect and then give following instructions

5)select the fourth sprite ball and give following instructions

6)select the fifth sprite and give following instructions

7)select the sixth sprite and give following instructions

8) Select the seventh sprite and add following instructions

9)Give following instruction to the first backdrop

10)Give following instruction to the second backdrop

11)Give following instruction to the third backdrop 

12) Add last backdrop and give it following instructions