Computer Final Project

Submitted By: Fizza Ayaz & Amna Mir

Submitted To: Miss Hina Gul

Major: BBA

Course: Introduction to Computer

Section: B

Final Project: Advertisement- Protein Bars 

Theme: This advertisement is aimed at college and university students who spend many hours of their day at the campus and hence, find it difficult to curb their hunger and stimulate their energy levels.Alex is hungry however, does not prefer the cafeteria’s unhealthy junk as she ponders over this, her friend Ruby arrives with the perfect antidote- Nature Valley’s Protein Bars! A lightweight, low fat and yet tasteful snack perfect for reviving energy levels.


Step 1: We have added 2 sprites(from the library) and 2 backdrops 1 of which is from the internet- attached with backdrop are images of Nature Valleys protein bars.This second backdrop appears at the end.

Step 2: A conversation has been scripted between two university friends using the options available through scratch.When the green flag is clicked the conversation begins in a colloqial manner.

Coding for Alex:


Coding for Ruby:



Step 3: During the conversation as Ruby suggests Alex to try Nature Valley’s Protein Bars, the second costume is embedded in the code to allow for a change of Alex’s expression from sad to happy.

Step 4 :A mind bubble has also been added  to Alex for improved visualization of what the bars look like.

Step 5: Ruby also outlines why these bars are an appropriate solution to Alex’s problems and indirectly to all the students’.

Step 6: Towards the end, the backdrop changes from the university campus to the one with the image of the protein bars box with the slogan- Healthy&Great! to emphasize on the bars primary qualities.