Bouncing the ball


  • Open Scratch from your desktop.
  • Click on New Script Choose from library.
  • Select image name “Beach Ball”. And click on “Add” button.
  • Now in Scripts group click “Events” and then choose “When clicked”, then drag and paste it on the right side.
  • Click “Controls” and then choose “Repeat Until”. Click on “Sensing” and choose “Touching mouse pointer” drag it on the right side under when clicked.
  • From Controls now select “Wait until 0.1 sec” and drag and paste it on right side.
  • Now click “Motion” and select “Turn 15 degrees clockwise” change it into 5 degrees. Drag and paste it under wait until.
  • From motion now click on “Move 10 steps” and change it into 50 steps.Drag and pate it on right side under turn 5 degrees.
  • Again from motion now select “If on the edge bounce”. Drag and paste it under move 10 steps.
  • Repeat from point 6 to 9 again.
  • Save your file with name bouncing the ball in your computer.