Computers Data, Control of sequences and Softwares

Computers Data, Control of sequences and Softwares

C is a concise yet powerful computer programming language that’s appropriate for technically oriented people with little or no programming experience and for experienced programmers to use in building substantial software systems.

you give the command to compile the program. The compiler translates the
C program into machine language-code (also referred to as object code). In a C system, preprocessor program executes automatically before the compiler’s translation phase begins.The C preprocessor obeys special commands called preprocessor directives, which indicate that certain manipulations are to be performed on the program before compilation. These manipulations usually consist of including other files in the file to be compiled and performing various text replacements.


The instructions you write to command computers to perform actions and make decisions which controls computers (often referred to as hardware). Some examples of Computer Systems i.e

Loader puts program in memory.
CPU takes each
instruction and
executes it, possibly
storing new data
values as the program

Electronic health
These might include a patient’s medical history, prescriptions, immunizations,
lab results, allergies, insurance information and more. Making
this information available to health care providers across a secure network
improves patient care, reduces the probability of error and
increases overall efficiency of the health care system.

Human Genome
The Human Genome Project was founded to identify and analyze the
20,000+ genes in human DNA. The project used computer programs
to analyze complex genetic data, determine the sequences of the billions
of chemical base pairs that make up human DNA and store the
information in databases which have been made available over the
Internet to researchers in many fields.

A billion general-purpose computers, and billions more embedded
computers are used in cell phones, smartphones, tablet computers, home appliances,
automobiles and more. Computers can perform computations and make logical decisions phenomenally faster than human beings can. Many of today’s personal computers can perform billions of calculations in one second.

Computers process data under the control of sequences of instructions called computer programs. These programs guide the computer through ordered actions specified by people called computer programmers. The programs that run on a computer are referred to as software.