Voting System

Voting System

Project: Voting System

Submitted by: Mian Raybal Akhtar




This project is about the voting system and the scenario dealing with the voting system. This project deals with how a person can vote to the candidate and how the voting system occurs. This project also keeps the record of voter like gender, voter ID, name etc and also the record of candidate.




In this class we have used the concept of inheritance as the candidate class and voter class are child classes so they can access the methods of parent class.


In this class the information about the candidate is gathered like candidate`s name, gender and the party of the candidate.


This class is used to gather the information about the voter. Voter`s name, gender and voter`s ID is entered by the user.

Voting machine

This class is used to manipulate and print the result that which is winner and how many votes he\she gained. This class has crucial role in whole system


This class uses the methods of all classes by creating their projects



First of all we will make the object of candidate class then voter class by giving the required information after then create the object of seat class.

Then we will create the object of voting machine class and will add voters and candidates after giving the information. Then after the voting is done result will be printed.



This project is about the voting it allows the voter to vote and it keeps the record of candidate and voter. Some candidates use different type of flowers and gifts near or in Election Day.