FYP Groups Details of tasks

FYP Groups and their Work Details

Group 1 (E2)

Azaz ul Haq (449-BSCS-13)                                                     03244793336

Saba Abdul Majeed (426-BSCS-13)                                         03244793337

Work Details: Full text Search Details and Query Implementation

Group 2 (E2)

Muhammad Zeeshan Amanat (455-BSCS-13)                                    03334866703

Waqar Afzal (371-BSCS-13)                                                    03014335808

Work Details: Made Slides About Entity Framework and LINQ. Integrate facebook in asp.net project

Group 3 (E2)

Mohsan Iqbal (460-BSCS-13)                                                  03124046616

Muhammad Zarif (394-BSCS-13)                                           03007514903

Work Details: Comparison

Group 4 (E1)

Group members:

Hafiza Anmol Khateeb                   (423-BSCS-13)

Asma Zafar                                         (381-BSCS-13)

Contact No:    0323-0417661

Project Title: Toolkit for Wikipedia

Group 5 (B)

Zainab Tariq (32-BSCS-13)                                                      03244766654

Noman Hafeez (26-BSCS-13)                                                  03224821903

Work Details: Mattcuts Blogs studied yet and some videos.

Group 6 (B)

Iqra Munir (05-BSCS-13)                                                         03494083211

Nazia Ramzan (87-BSCS-13)                                                   03048058484

Work Details: Difference between good relations and schemas.

Group 7 (B)

Rimsha Ayesha (14-BSCS-13)                                                  03347759465

Rubab Zahra (326-BSCS-13)                                                   03216755723

Work Details: Linq queries and Basic concept of MVC.

Group 8 (B)

Muhammad Qasim (50-BSCS-13)                                           03200440334

Khuram Saeed (311-BSCS-13)                                                 03024338806

Work Details: Difference between good relations and schemas.