Doctor and Patient

Download Here: Hospital and Patient

Author: Raza Sheikh 

Class clinic:

In this class I use three options. If I use choice 1 then I go to the admin class. Choice 2 send me to doctor class and choice three exit the project.

Class Admin:

In this I use option if choice == 1


else if(choice == 2)


else if( choice == 3)



else if(choice == 4)


else if(choice == 5)



System.out.println(“Sorry, Invalid Data”);


In insert patient I update the information of patient such as name, address etc,

In update patient I can change the information

In remove patient I can remove the information of patient.

In display I can display the all information.

Class Doctor:

I have use choices by using switch function. I extend this class to clinic class and I can update the information of patient and search the patient otherwise it will provide invalid address.

Project Diagram

Hotel Management System

Download Here: Hotel Management System


Author: Yousaf Haroon


I have made this project to demonstrate how rooms are booked in a hotel. There is a main class named UseHotel which has following main options.

  • Rooms
  • Payment Section
  •  Show rooms
  •  Exit

Further if you want to know about the rooms, select the room option. By pressing the rooms button, three types of rooms will appear along with their characteristics and for the booking of room you can go back to the main menu and choose the payment method. In the Payment method, there are three types of rooms along with their charges and their names. And if you want to book any of the room, all you have to do is to select the room you want to boo and then there will be a message for you to enter the required charges for the required room. Show rooms will tell you about the number of rooms booked. And when you will enter the exact charges there will be a message for you that your room is booked and if you enter less than or greater than the required room rent there will be a message “Invalid Amount” and the program will automatically go the main menu. And if you want to exit from the main menu you can easily move out by entering the exit Button.Project Diagram