General tips for web site design

Five Second Rule:
Most web visitors stay at page for 5 seconds, and if they have not seen anything interesting by then, they move on. Put anything you want people to see the upper left corner, where it catches their attention quickly.
*the five seconds includes the time it takes to page load.
The Simpler, the Better:
You will be attempted to put every menu ,button, and search engine on your site ,but fewer choices your visitor have to make, the less likely they will get confused ,and tha cleaner and more professional your site will work .
Name and address:
Put a link on every page that leads to “contacts us “ page, and page contain your e-mail, address ,your physical address ,and phone number.
Don’t use Color coded text:
Do not use color coded text to relay important parts of your message. May people can’t distinguish between colors and might miss the meanings that you intend.
Text Sizes:
Try not to use specific fonts or text sizes on your pages, unless it is necessary to the design of the page.
Writing for international Audience:
Remember that the web is worldwide resource, open to people from many different cultures and countries. what is acceptable in your culture might be vulgar in another culture.