Online Admission System

1)      Form Submission

a)      Personal Information

b)      Academic Record

c)      Payment Information

d)     Student Login

2)      Verification & Seating Plan

a)      Form Verification

b)      Room(venue) for Students

c)      Teacher’s Duty

3)      Test & Interview

a)      Paper Checking

b)      Result

c)      Reports

d)     Lists(Interview)

4)      Result Card Submission

a)      Submission of  result card(2nd year)

b)      Verification(Eligibility)

c)      Merit Calculation

5)      Merit Lists

a)      Display of Lists 1,2,3,..

b)      Verification of selected students(Dues submitted)

6)      Lists of Sections(Enrolled Students)

7)      History

a)      All Students Data