Post Mid Assignment 3

In the first put a green flag on sprite 1 and give it all commands one by one. Then add option of hide and show on both of butterfly and cat. Than on sprite three and four add further same commands. Also add hide and show on them. so that on level one that backdrop of two must be hide. Similar with that level two. so that in the end add option to switch to backdrop or level 2. After pressing green flag game for level two will start and when level will complete level two will be place automatically.

Maze game assignment

Added 2 backdrops of maze game for 2 different levels.

than added 4 sprites, 2 for each level.

Followed the procedure of what to add inorder to make the game work.

after adding all of the instructions checked if the game is working properly, and it did!



2 Level Maze Game:

Maira Riaz

International Relations

  • Open scratch from your desktop.
  • Add two backdrops to your scratch document and name them as Level 1 and Level 2.
  • Add 4 sprites to your game. 2 sprites for Level 1 and 2 sprites for Level 2.
  • Add the scripts as shown below.
  • Now Run the Game by clicking on Green Flag.

Maze Game level 2

Sabira Ahsan

Semester 1 (International Relations)

Computer Science sec D

11 November 2018


BUTTERFLY (sprite 2)


LADYBUG (sprite 3)

BAT (sprite 4)




The procedure is as follows:

Open scratch from the desktop.

Add two backdrops to your scratch document.

Add four sprites to your game. 2 sprites for level 1 and 2 sprites for level 2.

Format the scripts for the sprites accordingly.

Run the two level maze game by clicking on the green flag

“two level maze game”






DATE: 16TH NOV 2018.

“Two level maze game”

These are the steps I followed for making this game.

Open scratch.

Copy maze image to the first backdrop.

Adjust the size of the maze.

Select the required sprites and mold their sizes accordingly.

Add the second backdrop with another maze image.

Format the scripts for the sprites respectively.

Consequent upon the whole procedure, as the cat touches the butterfly , the bubble bearing ‘ i won’ emerges. after 5 seconds , the first backdrop swaps with the second backdrop automatically , implying the entrance to the second game level



“Two Level Maze Game”

Submitted To : Miss Hina Gull.

Submitted By: Wajiha Saleem.

Course : Introduction to computers.

Section: D

Major: IR

Date: 16th November , 2018.

“Two level maze game”

I made this game on scratch , and for this I followed these steps.

First I added a maze backdrop. and after this I chose two sprites in it.( cat and butterfly).

After choosing the sprites for backdrop 1 , I wrote the scripts for each sprite differently.

Then I added backdrop 2 , and followed the same pattern in it as well. i.e : (a cat and a butterfly).

After applying this task I had total 4 sprites in my game. So, I decided to hide one cat and one butterfly in each level ( by adding instructions in the sprites column) to make the game meaningful.

When my cat won the first level it was the time to move towards the 2nd level. So , I switched to backdrop 2 ( for that added the specific instructions in sprites).

Last but not the least when my sprites won this maze as well. I stopped the game.

Here are some pictures of my game.


Two Level Maze Game

1.Click on a new sprite option and add one sprite butterfly 1.

2.Second sprite will be default one that is cat.

3.First save a maze puzzle from the internet and save it in your files(e.g in desktop) then click  backdrop option add the maze backdrop by clicking upload backdrop from files. Name it as level 1.

Interface will look like this:

4.Select the butterfly 1 sprite and write the following script.

5.Now select cat sprite and write this script.

6.Add at the end of the script switch backdrop to level 2 instead of stop all.

7.Add two more sprites one is Abby and the other is duck.

8.Save another maze puzzle click on the backdrop option then click upload backdrop from files to add a new backdrop.Name this backdrop as level 2.

The interface would look like this:

9.Select duck and write the following script.

10.Select Abby and write this script.

Make sure that you add switch backdrop to level 1 at the end.

Submitted By:

Zaineb Noor 


Section:    D